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DEBKA: Die wichtige Rolle der Albaner Mafia für Al-Quida

Eine Schlüsselrolle spielt die Albaner Mafia, direkt für die Beschaffung auch von gefälschten Reise Dokumenten, Waffen, Schleuser und Transport Hilfe  für Al-Quida zu den Einsatz Orten. Der DEBKA Bericht der UN und des Mossad, trifft genau mit 2003 in den Zeitraum der Super Mafia Aktivitäten der Deutschen Botschaft in Tirana, mit dem kriminellen Lobby Verein DAW und den Berlinwasser Betrugs Geschäften mit der Albaner Mafia. Visa Besorgung war ein Bomben Geschäft fürdiese Leute und wie bewiesen erhielten auch ausl. Terroristen Visas in Tirana.

UN Statement über die wichtige Rolle der Albaner Mafia im Kosovo für Al-Quida

Akte Debka berichtet auch:
Discovery by Israeli secret agency
Members of the Al Qaida terrorist network are infiltrating into Europe through Kosovo with the help of the Albanian mafia, asserts the commercial secret agency “Debka” quoting experts for the fight against terrorism. The agency says that Al Qaida members start from Chechnya towards Europe and travel by ships via the Black Sea to Bulgaria, where they are greeted by the Albanian mafia that takes them to Skopje and Pristina, and then through their channels to Western Europe. “Debka” claims that the Albanian mafia is supplying Al Qaida with false travel documents and weapons, including the chemical weapon rizin, a powerful poison, and transports them from a hiding place to a hiding place before they arrive to the final destination. The agency claims that US Secretary of State Collin Powell has proof on the links between Al Qaida and the Albanian mafia, but adds that Washington decided not to bring forward this proof because the terrorist network is controlled by people from Saudi Arabia, necessary to the US administration over the upcoming military operation against Iraq.

aus albania

New Jihadist Army Forming in Balkans
June 24, 2002
The next radical Islamic terror attack in America could well originate in a corner of the Balkans, where a new jihad force is taking shape quietly and unhindered. In its last issue, published on Friday, June 21, DEBKA-Net-Weekly’s military sources reported that close to 20,000 fighters, battled-hardened veterans and eager young recruits, are already under arms, with more joining up all the time.
An Islamist bloc of nations (whose formation has been reported in the past byDEBKAfile) - made up of Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, al Qaeda and Hizballah, with active Palestinian support - is behind the new Muslim Balkan army. Saudi, Iranian and Iraqi intelligence services and al Qaeda operations officers in Macedonia, Kosovo, Bosnia and Albania are tasked with recruitment, training and organization. The units are armed with modern weaponry, including missiles and artillery, while handpicked young Muslim recruits have been sent to sign up at private flying schools, especially in the CzechRepublic and Bulgaria, as the nucleus of an air force.
The Iranian Revolutionary Guards (Pazdaran) have set up a logistical command center in the Iranian embassy in Skopje to coordinate the swelling movements of Iranian, Iraqi and Saudi instructors, organizers, couriers and bagmen in and out of the Balkans, usually from the Middle East. Most of the Saudis are al Qaeda operatives who fought in Afghanistan.
Until recently, they all traveled to the Balkans by indirect routes, careful not to draw attention to themselves, especially from agents of the US intelligence services attached to US Special Force contingents based in Kosovo and Bosnia. When they saw that no US intelligence service appeared interested in their activities, the travelers began to throw caution to the winds, freely using Skopje’s international airport for their comings and goings.
Our sources have failed to turn up any hand obstructing the emergence of the Balkan Muslim terrorist force, although fundamentalist governments of the Middle East and al Qaeda have fathered it for the aim of injecting young blood into the Islamic terror movement and invigorate the movement dedicated to violent assault against the West, primarily the United States.
The government of the former Yugoslav republic of Macedonia, headed by its president Boris Trajkovski, is painfully aware of the threat. But, 11 months after concluding a ceasefire with Albanian insurgents, its army can scarcely stand up alone to the youthful terrorist force, led by professional Saudi, Iranian and Iraqi military instructors as well as al-Qaeda terror experts.

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