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Erste gemeinsame Anti Mafia Operation der Italiener und Albaner ein grosser Erfolg

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Albania, Italy Dismantle International Drug Ring

Albania's Chief Prosecutor Ina Rama
Albania's Chief Prosecutor Ina Rama
Two dozen suspects in four countries have been arrested as part of a major anti-drug operation, code named "Sunrise", launched by Italian and Albanian prosecutors. The head prosecutor of the city of Lecce, Cataldo Motta, and Albanian general prosecutor Ina Rama presented the results of the five year investigation at a press conference on Friday in the southern Italian town.
“This is a demonstration of the good cooperation between the authorities in the two countries,” Motta told reporters in Lecce.
Albania’s top prosecutor told the media that the war against drug traffickers needed teamwork and that cooperation would continue.
“We have the good will to continue to cooperate in the [war against drugs] as this is the only way to achieve good results,” Rama said. “If we continue to cooperate it will certainly achieve other similar results,” she added.
During the investigation, which was launched in March 2005, Italy’s financial police were able to sequester over 1.3 tonnes of marijuana, trafficked from Albania into Italy across the Otranto channel in the Adriatic Sea, and 10 kilograms of heroin.
Motta told reporters that the narcotics syndicate is believed to have trafficked at least one more tonne of marijuana into Italy.
According to the Italian media 23 suspects have been arrested in Italy, Albania, Greece and Belgium. Five of the arrests were carried out on Friday in Albania, while the majority of the suspects detained in other countries are also Albanian citizens. The operation represented the first case of direct cooperation between Italian anti-mafia authorities and Albanian prosecutors.

Italienische Anti-Mafia und Albanische Task Force Einheiten zerschlagen grossen Drogen Schmuggler Boot Ring
Albania, Italy Dismantle International Drug Ring
Tirana | 19 February 2010 | ……………
Das Erfolgs Modell im Balkan: Die General Staatsanwältin Ina Rama, deren Modell nun auch im Kosovo und Montenegro, versucht wird zu kopieren.
aus Balkaninsight:

Vor kurzem wurde natürlich ebenso in Albanien Verwandte u.a. von Mafia SP Abgeordneten Peze (Peza) SP Partei in Albanien wegen Drogen Schmuggel verhaftet und 500 Verwandte und Partner Albanischer Politiker, inklusive amtierender Politiker sitzen in Haft, teilweise in Italien, darunter natürlich Albanische Diplomaten, die nur in Deutschland freie Fahrt haben und in Brüssel.
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Esklusives TV Video der Schmuggler Boot Banden in der Strasse von Otranto

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