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Prof. Dr. Eva Kreisky über die Albaner Mafia


Albanien und die Mafia

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Arbeit möchten wir die albanische Mafia untersuchen, die sich in den ..... im Süden Montenegros und – nach albanischen Angaben – auch im Nordwesten Grie- ...

Solche Beiträge machen in den USA eine heftige Stimmung gegen die Albaner.

Im Teil II, protestiert die US-Albaner Mafia des und heftig gegen die Sendung und schrieben einen Beschwerde Brief an die CNN.

FBI: Albanian mobsters 'new Mafia'

From Justice Producer Terry Frieden
Wednesday, August 18, 2004 Posted: 10:06 PM EDT (0206 GMT)

The FBI has cracked down hard on La Cosa Nostra.

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Thousands of Albanians and others who fled the
Balkans for the United States in recent years have emerged as a
serious organized crime problem, threatening to displace La Cosa
Nostra (LCN) families as kingpins of U.S. crime, top FBI officials
said Wednesday.

The Albanian criminal enterprises, operating largely in New York and
other Eastern seaboard cities, represent a major challenge to federal
agents because of their propensity for violence and brutality, the
officials said.

"They are a hardened group, operating with reckless abandon," said
Chris Swecker, the newly named FBI assistant director for the
Criminal Investigative Division.

Swecker and other officials said some of the Albanians served as
enforcers in the established Mafia families for several years.

When the FBI dealt a major blow to the LCN families in recent years,
the Albanians began to emerge, and now are taking over turf once
controlled by the traditional mob bosses.

Officials said ethnic Albanians from Kosovo, Macedonia and Montenegro
are included in the clans and crews that emerged in the organized
crime world.

FBI officials said Russian and many other organized crime groups
operating in the United States are much more sophisticated and less
violent than the Albanians.

Part of the Albanian emergence stems from the FBI's success in
busting the LCN.

Operation Buttondown, the code name for the FBI's campaign to crush
the Mafia, reduced the number of families operating in the United
States from 24 to only nine, the FBI officials said.

More than 100 leading members of LCN and more than 600 associates
were arrested in the crackdown on organized crime.

Although no terrorism connection has been discovered, the FBI says it
is closely watching to see whether the militant Muslims in the
emerging organized crime world demonstrate ties to organizations
suspected of involvement in terrorist financing

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