Mittwoch, 28. Oktober 2009

Kriminelle, welche Land besetzt haben, protestieren in Albanien - Orikum

Die illegale Land Besetzung ist halt eine Land Plage, von hoch kriminellen Clans, welche ihre Drogen Gelder damit waschen.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009
Orikum, protesters clash with Police District of Vlora

Hundreds of people in Orikum, 20 km from Vlora, are clashed today with police forces and shot with rocks and hard stuff. Cause is made ownership of a land surface, which residents claim is their property.

Former Agricultural Farm workers strongly protested and threw items at the police strong, when blue uniforms came to the area of construction of the building, which has an "old owner".

The protesters claim that their property is, as in the 90s, they have taken to the right of this property under the 7501 law. But the property according to albanian media was known former owners, who possess the "appropriate documentation".

Orikum, or old Hellenic center known as Orikus before ottoman invasion, during to dictator period, is known as the "Traktat of Varsavia" Naval Base for submarines. After destructing of Albanian army in 1997, the old Naval Base is on the NATO hand since Albania joint NATO alliance in April 2009.
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  1. Es stellt sich heraus, der ein gut bekannter Freund von Shkelzen Berisha, dort seine Waffen und Drogen Gelder gewaschen hat.
    Albanischer Diplomat: Rahman Selmanllarin wegen Drogen- und Waffenschmuggel in Italien verhaftet