Donnerstag, 22. Oktober 2009

Rumänien: Ex Premier Prime Minister Adrian Nastase wegen Bestechung verurteilt

Romania's Nastase charged with bribery

BUCHAREST, Romania -- Anticorruption prosecutors pressed charges Wednesday (October 21st) against former Prime Minister Adrian Nastase, of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), for allegedly taking bribes in the so-called Aunt Tamara case. Two more former government officials will be charged with complicity. The trial will be held at the Supreme Court. According to the indictment, Nastase agreed to accept $ 400,000 in exchange for allegedly naming Ioan Melinescu chief of the National Office for Preventing Money Laundering. Melinescu allegedly helped Nastase cover up a corruption case involving Nastase's wife, Dana. Nastase lost his immunity as a lawmaker in March, when parliament gave prosecutors the green light to pursue the criminal investigation. (, Agerpres, AFP - 21/10/09)

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