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Kosovo Judge Indicted For Bribery

Kosovo Judge Indicted For Bribery

Pristina | 25 November 2009 | Lawrence Marzouk
EULEX officers
EULEX officers
The EU rule-of-law mission in Kosovo, EULEX, has revealed that Elez Hoxha, a judge at Pristina District Court, has been indicted for allegedly accepting bribes to acquit two murder suspects.

It is claimed Hoxha accepted 123,000 euro and a Volkswagen Caddy car through an intermediary to release and ensure the acquittal of two detainees charged with murder.
On Thursday, at the Municipal Court of Prizren, an EULEX Judge confirmed the bribery indictment.
The main trial will start at the Municipal Court of Prizren at the beginning of next year.
Hoxha was arrested by Kosovo Police last year for the alleged offence.

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